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No Child Goes Hungry
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No Child Goes Hungry in Alaska’s Schools

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World Wide Technology – Alaska has chosen to raise funds on behalf of Dare to Care as a part of their Corporate “Community Impact Initiative.” Click the WWT logo for more information.

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The No Child Goes Hungry Program

The Dare to Care program helps feed children-in-need who chronically go to school hungry and without food or money to purchase a school lunch. Many of the children who benefit are abused and neglected.  

The program is currently benefiting thousands of children thanks to the many generous supporters of the program and the vision of “No Child Goes Hungry.”

Following is a poem written by James, a fourth grader who benefited from the Dare to Care program. I hope the poem brings you half the joy it brings to me every time I read it. Enjoy!

                   ~Bettsie Wild, Founder



A Dare to Care

A world of daring people
can turn into a caring person of love.

As stars sprinkled in the heavens,
a giving God loves

A person who Dares to Care.

By: James M. Voyles.